| Trump Train News Media Marketing 
| Website Developer & Editor 

Goldie is over marketing the Trump Train News Media. Plus, developing and editing the website.

Goldie built the entire website from scratch and continues to make daily content updates and designs. 

Goldie has over several years of experience as a broadcast media professional as a TV anchor, reporter and producer. Goldie has been on numerous TV programs that have been aired nationally. 

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| Washington DC Insider 
| Investigative Reporter

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T is a Washington DC insider who has chosen to keep their identity a secret due to fears of retribution. 

T will be bring you undercover reports and insider information to EXPOSE the Washington DC  Swamp, the deep state and explain the real reasons why the mainstream media exhibits bias towards President Trump and Conservatives. 

JJ Flash

| Investor 
| American Businessman
| Trump Train News Media Executive Producer 

JJ Flash is an Investor and a hard nosed Executive Producer for the Trump Train News Media.

JJ is an extremely successful businessman and knows everybody in Washington DC. However, JJ is one of the "GOOD GUYS", a Truth Teller and Patriot.  

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